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Zenvea Rudraksha Buddha Head Bracelet

Rudraksha are the dried seeds of a tree which grows in select locations of South-East Asia, predominantly in the upper Himalayan mountain range of the Indian subcontinent bordering Nepal.

Rudraksha beads are believed to provide a kind of protective energy for the wearer, to shield them from various circumstances, places and individuals they encounter in their daily life.

For spiritual seekers, Rudraksha plays a supportive role in enhancing one’s spiritual growth. Some of the esoteric benefits ascribed to Rudraksha include enhancement of intuition, infusion of tranquility of mind, assistance in meditation, purification of the aura, cleansing of the seven chakras, formation of a protective sheath around a person, providing protection against injury or negative and distorted energies, and development of dispassion and detachment.

About Rudraksha BeadsRudraksha Beads have been used for thousands of years as an aid to Self Empowerment and the Self Enlightment. Rudraksha Beads have electromagnetic properties and they affect the Human Body when worn.The five mukhi rudraksha is said to also regulate blood pressure and to affect all of the 7 Chakras.

Length: ~18cm